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Bonus Episode: Black Panther

February 27, 2018

**spoilers** spoilers, spoilers, do not listen to this if you haven't seen the movie or if you haven't seen it and care about spoilers.

AhnnaLise (from Colloquy, Interrupted) and Corey wanted to talk Black Panther so bad they hijacked The Mission in order to do so. They spend an extended amount of time talking Plack Panther and getting the message out there, go see it. 

We talk in the movie about power, about representation, about black culture, it's a pretty disgusting episode in regards to how much we gush over the movie, though we do try for our part to take the movie to task and highlight some of its flaws. Included below are some of the shownotes we mentioned, things for you to take a moment and check out if it pleases you. 

Colloquy, Interrupted lead-in to this episode

An unaffiliated Etsy shop selling Black Panther clothing

The article discussed

UCC Black Panther Study Guide